CORPORATE CONSULTING: SDG programs, industry innovation and climate adaptation training

Working at a local, regional and international scale, corporations have a unique role to play in the creation of solutions both within and beyond current industry standards. SDG programs that invest in forest achieve multiple SDG goalswhile creating real world infrastructure in collaboration with stakeholders. At Fenix Farms we believe corporate programs can go beyond greenwashing to achieve real world impact and scalable solutions. In order to achieve that, things have to be done differently. It's not enough to plant trees that go unaccounted for and generate little benefit to the economy or ecology for the next projected decade. In order to truly respond in kind and scale, our SDG programs focus on not only planting forest but planting biodiverse, climate-adaptive, and native species forests that respond more fully to the needs of the communities and ecologies that steward them. Polyculture agroforestry produces results in the short, medium and long term while generating both capital and non-monetary income for the communities involved as partners in the reforestation process. Contact our team to see how your company or initiative can be part of co-creating SDG programs that enable self-sustaining ecologies and economies, working with forest ecology to create a forest economy.

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