Workshops + Climate Adaptation Education

At Fenix Farms we believe the best way to create lasting change is through collective, creative action. We believe that every company, community, and land development project should have the place based climate tools they need to enact meaningful, scalable change in the world around them through effective, participatory process. Our workshops offer participants engaging and immersive experiences that enable groups to define ecological boundaries, resources and pressure points and then from this collective participatory analisis generate real world design ideas and prototypes that materialize collective observations and learnings into solutions that are bold, pragmatic and effective. We work with all types of groups to build prototypes, engage in systems analysis, and take time to connect to nature and the wisdom of the wild around us as we build forest food systems for the future.

We offer a range of educational experiences from week long certifications to weekend intensives to retreats to full digital course work. Our goal is to enable a new generation of diverse and effective climate actors to grow a better world for tomorrow today. 

We offer workshops and experiences at our CDMX sky forest studio, at client properties, as well as new spaces that are looking to active their project or property. One of the most effective starting points for any project, company or community beginning their climate adaptation journey is to begin with a workshop, retreat or training that brings together local and industry stakeholders to creatively and collectively work  If you have a space, event, festival or speaking engagement that you would like to enliven with the wisdom of forest systems insight and creative climate problem solving, we would love to work with you. Please write us for further exploration and evaluation

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