Food Forests, Perennial Landscaping & Program Design

As climate shifts, land developments worldwide are faced with the challenge of adapting their infrastructure and landscape identity to respond to the reality of a changing world in which drought, flooding, and an increased demand for autonomy and resource independence marks the difference between a successful climate ready landscape and disaster. Incorporating agroecology, agroforestry, perennial landscaping and forest food systems into the foundational fabric/ DNA of land development ventures offers a unique and valuable opportunity to create land systems that not only thrive in the climate future, but additionally generate value added revenue streams, increased land value, unique sense of place and climate adaptive infrastructure that can be counted on in times of crisis. Working with local experts, regional seed banks, system climate data and a network of talented and committed regenerative agriculture professionals, Fenix Farms builds effective teams and projects that add ecological and economic value to the projects they are part of creating.

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