Farms designs and develops polyculture forest systems that work with regional ecologies and economies to respond to the climate crisis with added value, nature based solutions. 

We work with land-based projects in the housing, regional development, tourism and education sectors to generate resilient, adaptive landscapes that not only mitigate climate change but innovate the development and integration of perennial food economy, regional biodiversity, soil health, habitat, and regional watershed planning. 

Fenix Farms combines 20 years of fieldwork and commercial design experience to create Adaptation Forests that increase the value of clients’ land in the short, medium and long haul by generating dynamic feedback loops between the millennial ecology of forest and the regional economies’ of diversified value added revenue streams created in partnership with the forest. 

Systems Thinking + Regional Collaboration 

We believe the best projects result from methodical, collaborative effort that streamlines project development and implementation at the same time it ensures inclusive, systemic and place based systems as a qualitative and quantitative end result. Every project that we work on as a team involves both local and industry experts, draws from a rich sourcing of collaborative design and systems research and is tested in the field before scaling via prototypes and active feedback from participants and collaborators in order to achieve the quality and impact we and our partners seek to enable. 

Working with the climatic and ecological reality of the region, Fenix Farms allies with local experts, resources, and regional genetic biodiversity to develop regenerative forest food systems that revitalize the soil and establish polyculture production systems while generating value-added local economies and ecologies. 

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of clients and regions to develop effective regenerative systems. We invite you to explore this small sampling of our work in partnership with the network of projects we are honored to form part of. If you have an impact forest project that you would like to develop with the Fenix Farms team or affiliate, please reach out to us here and tell us more about your project. We look forward to working with you and scaling change.