The reality of the modern world is fast paced, stressful, and extractive. Our systems are on constant overdrive at the same time that so many of us are experiencing deep shift and transformational change. Travel, retreat and immersive re-tooling have come to the forefront of global travel focus as individuals and industries seek transformation. 

Fenix Farms believes the best way to achieve revival and renewal is through the planting, care and experience of regenerative forest. Our Hospitality + Wellness programs work with land based retreat, hospitality and wellness centers to create unique, restorative forest spaces that nourish and revitalize traveler, host, and host ecology. Through workshops, immersive experiences and the growth and evolution of forest on site, forest based programs add incredible value to the groups, land, and processes they form part of. 

Honoring and putting into practice forest system ways of knowing and growing enables a truly unique and transformative land based experience . Please contact us for more information if you have a site, group or event you would like to host or hire. We are blessed to be part of a rich network of initiatives and it is always a pleasure to connect and collaborate with like minded projects, practitioners and investments.

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