Adaptation Agriculture

Adaptation Agriculture

Adaptation Agriculture: Building Food Systems for the Climate Future

In the tropics, the months of November to May are the dry months, the months when the deciduous forest drops its leaves and stores its energy underground. It is in these months that the cycle of regeneration begins and the most important time as caretakers of the land that we feed the cycle. Beyond the industrial view of agriculture (to feed to harvest), the regeneration cycle feeds the soil so that the plants and microbial life can prosper in this time of drought and carry out their important work of revival and recalibration. 

Honoring the importance of drought, of rest, of deep feeding, this month we will be exploring some of our work in drylands throughout the Americas, examining techniques and projects that have been designed to thrive when the river runs dry. 

From a climate future perspective, the drylands contain some of the most profound secrets on how nature adapts and reinvents itself in response to crisis. In a world where rains are ever more erratic and temperatures worldwide continue to soar and dip, there could not be a more important time to study the wisdom of the drylands and design our systems to not only survive but be resilient through this season. 

In honor of this time we will be exploring techniques such as rock mulch, dryland desert ecology, keystone species in the desert forest system as well as how to best feed and support the soil throughout this season in which we grow not for ourselves but for the system. 

This is the great work of our time - to feed and steward natural cycles beyond our immediate needs and perceptions. This season asks of us faith and commitment to fostering life beyond what we can see, beyond the immediate gains for exponential growth and system proliferation. Join us as we share the work of projects and plants that provide insight into the transformational work that enables systems to thrive in the context of the hydric crisis. 

If we are to build a new world, a new agriculture, we must seek to honor and understand this xeric wisdom not as lack but as teacher, as sage, as the timeless wisdom nature has of preparing itself towards adaptation and system evolution. 

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